To save towards your life goals



At There's Room, we know that life happens.  With rising prices of rent, it can sometimes be hard to get on top of all life’s expenses.  Whether you’re saving for a home, paying off school debt, looking to move closer to better employment, or just getting back on your feet after a traumatic life event, There’s Room for you here to find an affordable place safely and securely to meet your goals. 

Why There’s Room??

  • Secure Home

    We provide a vetted list of caring home and lease owners who are willing to rent you the extra space in their place in your time and place of need.

  • Save Time & Money

    No more multiple application fees. Pay a one-time fee & apply for affordable space where you want them. 

  • Avoid Rental Restrictions

    We will work with you to ensure lack of a security deposit and other limitations don’t get in the way of finding the space you need.