We’re solving the affordability gaps of city living.

At There’s Room, we believe the diversity of cultures, people, and their work make our cities vital places to live. Our renters are working contributors in their communities who strive to reaching their goals and dreams, despite the hurdles they face. While our owners are motivated individuals looking to realize their financial freedom by making room for those in need. Together, we are creating a community where owners and renters can successfully work, live and thrive by offering them access to a more cost-effective way of living and earning. 

How It Works


Qualified renters just clicks away.

Whether you're home, lease or investor owner of an existing property, There's Room will be by your side from start to finish—We make finding the ideal renter and seamless as possible.


Get more from your home

feel safe

Find compatible, vetted matches that are perfect for your space.

make extra money

Earn extra money to help pay off debt, mortgage, or afford those little extras like traveling more.

less hassle

Stress less with liability coverage, let us handle all the heavy lifting including background checks, lease docs, and secure payment processing.

help those in need

Be the catalyst to help someone achieve their life goals, while you achieve some of yours.


Find a room, focus on your goals.

Whether you’re saving for a home, paying off debt, looking to be closer to a job, or just getting back on your feet; There’s Room for you here to find an affordable place safely and securely to help you meet your goals.


A living option that can help you get ahead

safe living

Search a vetted community of caring home and lease owners who are willing to rent you the extra space.

save time and money

Pay a one-time fee & apply for affordable space in minutes.  No need for submitting multiple applications.

avoid rental restrictions

Avoid high deposits and limitations getting in the way of finding the space you need.

a win win

Never be limited to living options in communities you influence. Our owner community is behind you 100%



To positively impact the affordability gap for communities in need through housing, connection, and other services to empower them to meet their life & financial goals. 

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Renters spend more than 50% of their income on rent.

103 Hours

Per week worked at minimum wage needed to afford a one-bedroom rental.


Nationwide shortage of affordable homes for low-income renters.

We're just getting started 

We are an early stage startup and currently supporting the greater Phoenix market. Interested in There's Room in your city? You can contact us or follow us on Social Media for updates.

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